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OCx is a Denver, Colorado based leader in the design, delivery and support of best of breed infrastructures.  As a value added reseller (VAR) and technology integrator, we serve the voice and data networking needs for customers in government, small to medium enterprise (SME), and restaurant & retail chains, nationwide. 

OCx specializes in a limited set of emerging technologies that bring about transformative change.  Our value lies in identifying these technologies, building a practice around them, and implementing them in customers' environments.   
Our sales people are not driven by sales quotas,  but instead exercise a consultative, long-term approach to relationship building.  Most important, we enjoy close partnerships with our customers, because it produces better, more sustainable outcomes for all parties.

Clear Thinking:  Better results through listening 
Clear thinking is about cutting through complexity and fundamentally understanding the underlying problem.  Critical listening and consultation are the tools we use to question what appears at the surface, dig deep for understanding, and to use that knowledge in solution design.    

Clean Design:  Elegance through simplicity
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple, to truly understand the underlying challenges and come up with elegant solutions.*  Simplicity lies at the core of our philosophy; to deliver elegant solutions that are intuitive and easy to administer.  It's a challenging process, but the results are worth the effort.
Expert Execution:  Competence through experience
The best solution is only as good as its implementation, and great implementations emphasize planning to avoid surprises.  We strive to think of the things that others miss by constantly sweating the details.  It's our attention to detail that our customers appreciate the most.
*Walter Isaacson,  Steve Jobs (Simon & Schuster, 2011) 348.


OCx is a network and data center infrastructure integration company that partners with the leading manufacturers in each product category.  We seek out manufacturers whose products mirror our own philosophies: Ease of administration, design superiority and cost effectiveness. Unlike many resellers and integrators, OCx does not rely on manufacturers’ engineering, support or sales personnel.  We test, use and understand the strengths and limitations of the products we sell, which we openly share with your clients.  OCx focuses on the following solution sets:

  • Data Network Design/Install
  • Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  • Security and Compliance
  • Wireless Network Design/Install
  • IP Voice and Mobility (IP-PBx)
  • Telecommunications Solutions
  • Contact Center Solutions
  • Nationwide Field Services
  • 24x7 Technical Support
OCx provides highly customized infrastructure solutions for select customers that represent a good fit to our values and philosophy.  We value most the clients that allow us to function as an extension of their team, and understand that our value lies in our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to their success. 

clean design

We like simple solutions to complex problems


Brilliantly Simple Communications

ShoreTel is among the top 3 commercially available IP voice platforms, and leads the group in terms of reliability, scalability and ease of administration.  

Distributed architecture and N+1 redundancy
Ease of administration even by non-technical staff
Flexible, low cost scalability
OCx is a ShoreTel Certified Gold Partner that excels at large and complex installations in enterprise, government and education.  OCx is among ShoreTel’s longest standing partners, and has received nearly 30 awards for volume achievement and customer satisfaction. 

Arista Networks

Software Defined, Data Center Networking for Large Computing Environments

Arista enables new capabilities and best of breed “cloud-stack” services that have never been possible in monolithic single-vendor architectures.

  • Arista's standards based EOS offers CLI customization and system extensibility
  • SDN - (Software Defined Networking) offers industry leading network virtualization interoperability
  • Ultra low latency, Arista runs at wire speeds in both layer 2 and layer 3 setups.
  • VM Tracer offers dynamic provisioning of VMs and VM auto discovery
  • Ease of management and familiar Cisco IOS-like command line

Arista minimizes complexity and cost in VMware virtualized network environments.



The Effortless Network is Here

Brocade is challenging established technologies with a fresh wave of innovation, offering new levels of manageability, capacity and scalability for campus LAN-base applications and mobile device saturated BYOD environments:

  • Mix and match stacking
  • Single point management
OCx is a Brocade Premier Partner specializing in IP networking products. OCx installs and supports Brocade switches in enterprise, and government verticals, and is highly skilled in LAN/WAN design.  

Palo Alto Networks

Next Generation Enterprise Firewalls featuring Safe Application Enablement

Today's application rich environment is changing the way enterprises are looking at security. Apps are necessary productivity tools, but they can also provide avenues for threats and siphon productivity.   Palo Alto Networks' next-generation firewall brings users, applications and content under policy control on a high performance firewall architecture.  Palo Alto Networks firewalls:

  • Classify all traffic, on all ports, all the time
  • Securely enable applications on your network based on users and groups
  • Real-time content scanning blocks threats, controls web surfing and limits data and file transfers

Call OCx for a proof of concept, and you'll see what your current firewall has been missing.


The Company that Brought us UTM (Unified Threat Management)

Fortinet firewalls offer excellent performance, good value, ease of administration and solid core technologies. Among Fortinet’s hallmarks are:

  • Hardened platform is suited for tough environments
  • The highest price/performance ratio in their class
  • More interfaces than other products in their class
  • Cost effectively achieves PCI compliance
  • Centralized policy and update management
  • High-speed firewall and IPSec VPN performance
  • High Speed Application Control

Ruckus Wireless

The Most Advanced Antenna Array Technology Available

Ruckus is the best solution for high density, BYOD environments, is easy to deploy and manage, and offers the lowest cost of ownership among the top 10 enterprise WiFi solutions:

Best dual-band WiFi coverage
Best WiFi penetration through interior walls
Least number of APs for WiFi coverage
Best co-channel interference mitigation
Lowest 5 year TCO 
OCx is a Ruckus Big Dog Partner that excels at wireless network design and deployment for enterprise customers, and government and education verticals. 

OCx Telecommunications

Value Added Services Eliminate Telecom Headaches
OCx is a full service telecom agency that brings extraordinary value to telecom lifecycle management.  OCx Value added services include:
  • Voice and Data Network Design 
  • Contract Negotiation & Procurement
  • Full implementation Management
  • Ongoing Support & Trouble Ticket Management
OCx is a high volume agency, meaning we have clout with the carriers.  We have been a telecom agency for over 10 years and have saved our clients millions of dollars. OCx negotiates world class agreements, and supports all circuits we help procure.  

Nimble Storage

Flash-Optimized Storage for ISCSI Architectures

Nimble Storage solutions integrate flash performance with economical hard disk drives.  Nimble Storage is built on Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) architecture that  delivers:

  • High performance, capacity and efficiency
  • Dynamic caching, allowing fast access to data stored in flash
  • Application-tuned block sizes speeds up performance for Exchange, SQL, Server, etc.
  • Efficient, instant snapshots and thin provisioning utilize storage more efficiently
  • Efficient Replication, reducing bandwidth costs for WAN replication
  • Zero-Copy Clones, great for test/development workloads



VM-Aware Flash Storage for the Software Defined Data Center

Tintri was designed from the ground-up for flash and virtualization. There are no LUNs or volumes, tiers, RAID groups or other traditional storage objects that create complexity in a virtualized environment.  

  • VM-Aware manageability - VM bottleneck visualization identifies performance problems at the hypervisor, network and storage levels.
  • Simplicity and flash performance - set up 13.5 TB of usable storage in a single datastore in minutes
  • Industry's lowest cost per VM workload with up to 1000 VMs in a 3U chassis
  • Automatic data management places cold data on disk while keeping active data in flash


The best bang for the buck in HD video conferencing

LifeSize gives you full HD, standards- based 1080p30 for the highest resolution on the market and 720p60 for the best motion handling with lower latency. Ideal for large meetings and conference rooms, the LifeSize 220 Room system comes standard with an embedded eight-way continuous-presence multipoint bridge, showing four visible sites. Available as rack-mountable hardware. Compared to other systems, LifeSize's differentiators are:

  • Highest HD Video Quality:  HD 1080p30 video
  • 10x zoo camera supporting 1080p30 HD
  • 2'nd generation phone with touch screen powering both HD video and audio
  • Room 220 with embedded eight -way multipoint bridge, continuous presence, showing four visible sites.


Expert Execution

We work hard to avoid shortcuts





Success Stories

Good Sams

Case Study, Telecommunications
National Retailer and Publishing House Engages OCx to Drive Down Telecom Costs from Incumbent Carrier.

Company Background

Based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the Good Sam Club is a sister company of Camping World, America’s largest retailer of RV supplies, accessories, services and new and used RVs. Both the Good Sam Club and Camping World were founded in 1966. The Good Sam Club offers RVers the resources to make the most of the RV lifestyle, including significant savings on RV and health insurance, financing, roadside assistance, extended warranties and repairs.


When it came time to renegotiate their global telecom contract, the client invited OCx to help. With an annual telecom spend of over $1.2million, fractions of a penny, billing increments and 4 digit rounding mean a lot. The challenge was to bring competitive bids to the table to drive down the rates offered by the incumbent carrier and gain more favorable contract concessions. 


OCx helped the client gather competitive bids and evaluated call center solutions including advanced IVR platforms, resulting in significant telecom cost reductions.


The client was able to renegotiate their global telecom voice and data contract, saving money and securing favorable contract terms. The savings amounted to an 64% reduction, or $700,000 annually.  Over the term of their contract, Good Sam's saved $2.8MM.   

Client Testimonial

“We’ve known OCx for years. I’m always astonished by their ability to analyze and make sense of large amounts of data and put solutions and proposals together that most other vendors just can’t handle. Their attention to detail is amazing.” - CIO

The City of Lakewood, Colorado

Public, Telecom, ShoreTel
When it came time to upgrade the city's phone system and data network, OCx was the city's first choice

Case Study: City of Lakewood, Colorado  

Colorado’s fourth largest city engages OCx to install and support ShoreTel IP-PBx and a data network.
Customer Type: City Government
Overview: City of 150,000 residents, departments include police, public works, water utilities, recreational activities, cultural events and family assistance programs.


Local governments face constant challenges in fulfilling service delivery requirements while remaining good stewards of taxpayer dollars.  The City of Lakewood, Colorado, is a good example of success in both categories.  
The City receives thousands of phone calls daily.  Calls destined to recreation centers, public works, police department, inspectors and code enforcers, cultural events or family assistance departments need to reach their destination reliably.  In the cases of police and fire, data delivery, toll quality voice and intelligent handling of calls is mission critical.  for this reason, when Boris Naschansky, the City of Lakewood’s CIO, decided to upgrade their network and voice infrastructures, and he chose OCx as the company to partner with..  
The Challenge:
The city needed to Replace an aging phone system with a reliable, cost-effective and easy to manage system.  The City’s 22-year-old phone system and underlying data network became increasingly costly and time-consuming to maintain.  It offered limited or basic features for the 1,200 full-time and part-time employees located at over two dozen offices across the city.  
The city also wanted to Improve the success rate for citizens reaching the right staff member:  “We want to ensure that every call into the City’s offices reaches the right person as quickly as possible,” Mr Naschansky explained. “But on the old system incoming calls rang three times at one desk, three times at the next, and so on, finally ringing in the director’s office, by which time if the party was still on the line, they were frustrated. Getting stuck in the cycle of returning calls and leaving voicemails back and forth was just not productive.” 
Finally, the city sought to Consolidate communications between city hall, multiple facilities, and field personnel.  It was not possible, for example, to add more remote offices to the phone system affordably, so staff were isolated and underserved.  Even worse, the existing voicemail system was failing, requiring the IT staff to send broadcasts to alert City Staff that messages might be lost, "due to overnight maintenance." “Our IT help desk and engineering teams were constantly on pins and needles running fire drills, and frequently calling out contractors to do simple phone moves and changes,” said Wendy Shrader, manager of network services. 
The Vendor and Technology Selection Process:
Select a trustworthy integration partner and choose a technology platform that would achieve the city’s goals:  The evaluation process was meticulous.  Mr Naschansky and his team consulted with their previous partner supporting their Siemens system.  They also received presentations from local Cisco, Nortel and Avaya VARs.   
In the end, references played a key role in their decision.  “We were looking for a partner that was experienced in VoIP, and not just traditional PBX or hybrid phone systems.  We wanted a partner that understood the local government setting.   After meeting OCx and seeing a ShoreTel demonstration at an industry event, the decision makers decided to visit three ShoreTel government installations that were implemented by the company.  “We all felt they stood out in both of these areas.” explained Ms Shrader, who led the evaluation team.  Shawn Cullingford, Lakewood’s telecommunications engineer added: “OCx, set up a pilot ShoreTel system in half a day, and started training that afternoon with some of the staff. The other vendor needed weeks to set up that kind of pilot, and expected to set up a demo within a week.  As for the PBx platform, the ShoreTel system was simple to use, and we all found the user interface extremely intuitive. In addition, unlike some of the other vendors, ShoreTel is not three different operating systems on separate servers. We certainly did not want to add that level of complexity to our network.”
Solution Deployment:
OCx deployed the ShoreTel UC system across the city’s offices, based on four ShoreGear T1K voice switches, eight ShoreGear 220 T1 switches, and four ShoreGear 24A switches.  More than 1,000 ShorePhone IP Telephones were deployed throughout the environment, standardizing on the IP-265 model for ease of support.
Training was conducted by OCx as a train-the-trainer program, and rolled out to employees over two months. “During the initial implementation phase, OCx provided useful training outlines and even programmed a button on my phone so I could reach Shawn quickly and easily in the event of urgent questions,” Ms Shrader said.
A key element of OCx’s implementation included using ShoreTel’s open standards-based architecture to integrate a call recording system.  Police investigators can choose to record calls with witnesses, suspects, and other persons of interest.  “OCx was able to set the system up so that some calls to the police department can be recorded at a touch of a button.  This is important for cases that end up in court,” Ms Shrader said.   OCx also set up a video arraignment system, in which judges can stay in their chambers to arraign prisoners at county jails located miles away.  The system has dramatically increased the efficiency of the process. “OCx’s ability to fine tune features and come up with innovative solutions to our challenges has helped us improve efficiency and has made our staff more productive.”  All city  departments are now using the ShoreTel phone system.  Based on extensive meetings with city department heads, OCx designed the architecture to include numerous workgroups, and more than 30 operating divisions throughout the city are using hunt groups and call handling modes and auto attendants at different times of the day.  The system’s flexibility accommodates on-the-fly announcements to alert citizens of snow days, automated call distributions, and multi-lingual greetings.  
Ease of use also extends to management simplicity.  Two hours after OCx trained the help desk agents, they were able to support internal queries. “ShoreTel’s simple Web-based system management console has made life significantly easier, and we’re much more productive compared to the old system,” Mr Cullingford said. “Now we can use a PC from any desk at the city to make changes in a matter of minutes. We no longer have to call out contractors, or need to invest in specialized phone system certification training.”
The City of Lakewood Improved Service delivery to constituents using fully integrated communications across all city departments, ensuring calls can quickly be forwarded to the right person.
The City Improved Reliability 24x7x365 while reducing support costs and freeing-up internal staff time.
The City also reduced administrative overhead for system administration, due to the system’s simplicity.  Non-technical staff can add & remove users, move users in and out of work groups, etc.  
The City uses feature-rich capabilities, customizable work groups and integration with cell phones used by hundreds of mobile workers.
Most important, the City of Lakewood achieved a Lower Total Cost of Ownership for acquiring and maintaining the system on an annual basis going forward.  As Lakewood replaced their old PBX phone system with ShoreTel, they found that they could also replace the entire network infrastructure since the cost of implementing ShoreTel was about one third of what the other vendors bid. This savings enabled them to re-cable their remote facilities and replace all of their network switches and routers. During the project the City’s ability to deliver services was not interrupted.

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American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC

firewall, phones, shortel
Village Inn & Bakers Square Restaurants engage OCx and realize millions in hard cost savings





American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC, Located in Denver Colorado, owns and operates Village Inn, Bakers Square and Max & Erma’s restaurants. In an industry where concepts quickly come and go, ABRH is able to boast not only longevity but also quality of service provided to their guests.




With a proprietary POS System, IP Credit Card Processing, and Limited Budgets, the national restaurant chain needed to move away from dial-up credit card processing to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Seeking to track and improve customer satisfaction, establish a loyalty program, and take advantage of cost savings associated with consolidated IP credit/debit processing, the client needed o free up capital in order to move forward the development of their proprietary POS back-end solution. The challenge was to implement a cost effective WAN and save enough through telecom cost reductions to offset the cost of the POS deployment. 




Step 1, Audit & Recovery. OCx conducted a telecom audit and assisted in recoveries. A telecom database was then established as a baseline for comparative ROI analyses.

Step 2, ROI Analysis. OCx evaluated multiple WAN solutions and ran multiple ROIs to identify the optimal solution, with emphasis on cost reduction and ease of management.

Step 3, Negotiation. OCx negotiated local, long distance and WAN contracts, making sure the client was fully protected against business downturn and other critical client-specific situations.

Step 4, Implementation. OCx implemented the WAN solution while project managing the POS deployment, coordinating internal staff activities as well as installation teams and 3’rd party vendors.

Step 5, Maintenance. OCx provides on-going telecom consulting and expense management, management of moves, adds and service changes, and provides trouble escalation services.




During a three year duration, OCx helped ABRH save $2.4 million in hard costs. These savings came from the reduction of local phone line costs and the recovery of slammed charges as well as the removal of sub-account fees and unnecessary Dial-up services. In addition to the hard cost savings, ABRH saved in soft costs through their use of OCx’s free full-time staff support. 

Client Testimonial



“OCx has become part of our staff. They provide full time support for our objectives and our people and their attention to detail is phenomenal. I’m always amazed by how they consistently drive down telecom costs, so much so, that telecom is now our most effectively managed cost center. OCx can be counted on to deliver exactly what they promise, and more. Telecom is complex, and the numbers they project are always accurate. Aside from their expertise, the best part is their business philosophy.” –VP of MIS.

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